New Manual Reveals...

Warning Signs That Triggered
The Deadliest Famines In History


There Are Highly Reliable "Shortage Signals"
Throughout History That Have Triggered
The Deadliest Famines Known To Man

And Sadly, But True -- History Repeats Itself!

Study The Past -- Know The Signs and Signals -- Forecast The Shortages

From: Bill Heid, Founder & CEO of Powerful Living
To: All Concerned And Aware U.S. Citizens
Re: The coming food crisis

There's a perfect storm brewing.

And as you know, it's not if a global food crisis is coming... it's a matter of when.

Problem is, even if you're fully prepared with emergency supplies, hidden caches and escape routes...

Your inability to know when wevre at the crisis "tipping point" could leave you and your family stuck, stranded or worse.

When it strikes... the coming food crisis will strike fast and hard. Will you take action in time? Or will you be too slow to act because you didn't see it coming?

How do you spot trends that could save your life?

Simple... by looking into the past.

History really does repeat itself.

If you study the patterns, signs and events that led up to the worst famines in human history...

You'll be able to start spotting the same patterns, the same signs and signals and events in the present... giving you a whole new perspective about the future.

Is America Heading Towards
A Widespread Famine?

You probably already know...

How complex and fragile our current food system is...

  • Where "just-in-time" logistics make it so grocery stores would run out of food in three days or less if the trucks stopped delivering...

  • How our food travels by land, sea and air (on average a 1,500 mile journey from farm to kitchen table)... and just one disruption in the supply line could create a major food shortage...

  • And how Big Agribusiness "tinkers" with our crops adding herbicide, pesticides and genetic modifications... while feeding our livestock dangerous hormones and antibiotics...

Making more and more people sick every year with food that doesn't feed us the broad-spectrum nutrition we need....

And you may even know...

How corrupt leaders all over the globe will starve their citizens even when there's plenty of food...

  • How politicians in this country are paid off by Big Agribusiness... so they can gain more and more control over how, what and even when we eat...

  • Where large sums of taxpayers' money pay subsidies to farmers to NOT produce food... in order to control and manipulate crop prices...

  • And how poor policy-making has helped to create a gap between the rich and poor that's so wide... it leaves over 50 million Americans "food insecure" even when they're working multiple jobs...

Now, you may think these factors are all part of a house of cards that's about to be blown down.

And you would be right. It's all coming down.

But the real question you have to ask yourself is...

How You Can Spot The "Food Shortage Trends" Emerging in America?

Famine in Samaria II Kings 6
Famine in Samaria II Kings 6

Did you know... what I listed above are just a few of the fifteen "food shortage signs and signals" that can lead a country to widespread famine?

Throughout history, the same sign posts have showed up over and over again, right before a famine.

Unfortunately for most of our ancestors, they couldn't see it coming. News traveled too slow... and they were caught blind-sided by crisis.

Today, we live in the information age. With the click of a button, we can get news from around the world just seconds after it happens.

However, without knowing exactly what to look for in the news, it's easy to miss the real signs and signals that matter the most.

And, ironically enough, today we have too much information.

Worse, Big Media decides what stories we hear. If you want to be truly informed on what's really going on... you have to search, dig and hunt like a detective.

Fact is, there are a lot of news stories, current trends and sound bites in the media... whether it's the big news networks or even the "underground feeds" like InfoWars and World Net Daily...

I'm not saying what they're saying is good or bad, truth or lies, rumors or facts.

What I am saying is a lot of it gets sensationalized, twisted or comes off as "fringe" no matter how true it is.

And a lot of it just comes off as noise as most Americans are too busy to focus on anything except the urgency of the moment.

So, if you want to truly understand something...

You Need To See The Big Picture,
Study History And Learn From The Past!

I'm Bill Heid, CEO and Founder of Powerful Living.

Years ago, when I first started exploring the potential for a food crisis, I knew I had to have historical facts on my side. I knew I needed to pull the camera back and get a long-term perspective... so I could better look at today's food crisis in context.

I didn't want research that only gave me a current snapshot of the world, as important as that is... That's simply not enough to see the big picture.

Irish Famine

Let's face it, famine and hunger have been with mankind for as long as we've been roaming the planet. So, what are the "famine patterns" that keep repeating themselves over and over?

That's what I wanted to look at!

Truth is, if you think about the history of the United States in recent history... the "concept" of being hungry has, for a long time, been foreign to us. We don't truly understand what it means to have no food on our kitchen tables for a extended period of time.

So even if we really get it straight with "what's going on" right now... it's not enough to say with certainty what's most likely to happen next.

And that's why, with the prospect of the global famine cycle is upon us again...

It's extra important we prepare for it by looking in the past. To predict the future, we have to look at the past patterns. Patterns that go back in history, as far back as biblical times.

That's why I wrote the very popular manual Rising Prices-Empty Shelves... and that's why you need to read it today.

Let me tell you what's inside...

"Rising Prices-Empty Shelves"
Warning Signs That Triggered The Deadliest Famines In History

The book is broken up into four sections and its all about how to spot the triggers that seem to always precede famines and food shortages.

Parts one and two cover the history and causes of famine. Listen, history repeats itself. That much we know. Human beings are human beings. And, if you can see the same patterns that triggered famines and food shortages in the past... you'll be able to "predict" famine cycles like a modern day Nostradamus.

Part three reveals some of the deadliest modern threats to our food supply. Dangerous X-factors include our very own Government, Big Agribusiness and Big Pharma created in just the last 60 years.

And in part four, I will give you specific key steps you need to start taking today to protect your family and yourself from the coming early 21st century food crisis.

Here's what you'll discover in "Rising Prices-Empty Shelves"...

PART I : The History of Famine

Rising Prices of food
Digging into the past is one best ways to
understand the future.

Digging into the past is like having a window into the future. If you know the same key factors that have caused famine throughout history... you'll be able to spot the same patterns in our world today, giving you the "advanced notice" you need to act fast to protect your family before a crisis happens.

In part one of "Rising Prices-Empty Shelves", I talk about...

  • The most dangerous people you need to protect your children from during a mass famine. Surprisingly, they're not bandits, plunderers, gangs, soldiers or even your neighbors. The answer will SHOCK you and change the way you prepare for what's ahead... see page 12.

  • Seven key factors that caused the decline and fall of the Roman Empire. Which ones have already occurred in the United States... and which ones are about to happen? See page 17.

  • What America needs more of today, more than ever... but has produced less and less of it since 1914. In fact, 94% less. What is it? Why does Big Media run a smear campaign against it? Why has our Government paid over $1.3 billion in subsidies to stop production of this invaluable resource? See page 19.

You'll also see in-depth case studies of famines in ancient and medieval times including Egypt, Athens, China, Japan and the great famine of Europe in 1315-1317.

The common trigger that starts all food riots, rebellions and civil wars... How unstable psychopaths like Hitler quickly and easily become leaders of nations during food shortages... The horrifying actions of men when food prices skyrocket (Butter went up 25% last year... how many spikes can your neighbor's wallet handle before they come knocking?)...

  • Why you should set a Google Alert for "drought" and "flooding" in U.S. news. You would be surprised to see how often it happens, how fragile our farming system really is... and how quickly it could potentially disintegrate into inter-state warfare... pg. 29.

  • The Aztecs sacrificed thousands of its citizen's lives -- as a political tool during famine. We may not believe in grisly human sacrifices to "appease the gods" anymore... but you can be sure the Government is using "scientific reasons" to control you, your family and our nation... pg. 31.

  • A perfect case study of how government intervention always backfires. Emperor Boris Gudunov ruled Russia during its "Time of Troubles" in the 17th century. You will learn how his socialist attempts to "help" his country left over 120,000 dead in the streets of Moscow. You'll also note that the U.S. government is also trying to "help" in similar ways TODAY... pg. 33.

PLUS... did you know the average worker was spending up to 88% of his wages on food right before the French Revolution? Learn why today's food trends are putting us on the same road to destruction!

The average American now spends 10-15% of its income on food. Low income workers can barely survive the way it is. What will happen as food prices continue to rise?

Here's more...

  • Have you heard of the 18th century philosopher Thomas Robert Malthus? Most have. But did you know he believed we should control population with forced infertility, government engineered plagues and infanticide. That's not the scariest part. Several higher level-ups in Washington subscribe to his theories and have the power to push legislation through! ... pg. 37.

  • During the Irish Potato Famine of 1845-1852, about one-third of the population died or moved away. Their mistake? The VERY SAME one our farms are making today... but is being "sold" to us as a good idea by nasty Big-Ag giants... pg. 40.

  • The U.S. Famine No One Admits To - While historians claim America has never experienced famine on its shores... the truth is, millions of people died of starvation in a 9 year period in recent history. The worst part was, our government systematically wasted food in the SAME PERIOD. Can this happen again? It may already have started... pg. 46.

Also... how did Stalin use food as a "weapon" against the farmers he wanted to control? As you read about this in depth case study... you'll draw some parallels to what's happing today!

And... when Mao initiated the "Great Leap Forward", he introduced several "new and improved" agricultural technologies. Several of which were untested and in reality,massively destructive. Are we following the same path as we blindly allow corporate-backed "scientists" genetically modify our crops?

PART II: The Causes of Famine

Corn prices in the US

What are the traceable patterns that occur in almost all famines? You'll discover why blind government intervention sometimes with good intentions always seem to cause the exact same results. Most often, "help" is a wolf in sheep's clothing. In this section of "Rising Prices-Empty Shelves"... you'll see how this game is being played out on a global scale right now.

Here's what we'll cover in part II...

  • Three tactics governments (past and present) use to force obedience by using food as a weapon to starve citizens... and a brief history of how the United States government is slowly and surely gaining more power -- to use these same tactics if they choose to 61.

  • The unfortunate truth is... the U.S. government is already "experimenting" with these tactics on other weaker, defenseless countries. Some say it's only a matter of time before it happens here... pg. 69.

  • You'll see... in great detail, step-by-step... how the U.S. government uses "food aid", the World Bank and the IMF to bankrupt and hold control over smaller countries.

  • It is devastatingly effective and has been played out several times in history already. You can track the "bad guys" in real time as they do the same thing to Americans, in this case, giving you the "advanced notice" to make appropriate plans... pg. 74.

We'll also look at how fragile our food supply truly is and why one domino falling could bring the whole column down. Example: How just one trucker, one farmer, even one urban farmer can make one simple mistake... that can push American food security over the edge.

  • How good farmland is being raped, pillaged and destroyed by greedy and reckless planning... and simple things you can start doing today to break free from the Big-Ag control grid... pg. 77.

  • Food now travels an average of 1,500 miles... with "go-betweens" like producers, packagers, shippers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers... several steps before it gets to our kitchen table. All it takes is ONE small incident in this big, complex web to trigger the start of a food shortage... pg. 87.

  • Truth is... can we trust a system like this? Or any big government, big business system??? During Hurricane Katrina... $5.3 million worth of food aid sat in an Arkansas warehouse, rotting... because obstinate government officials bickered over whether the food was safe to distribute... pg. 93.

Even as this article is written, a dangerous version of Big-Ag E.coli is killing thousands in Europe.

ALSO... we'll look at the real food story behind "global warming" and the "climate crisis"... how our financial "house-of-cards" can easily trigger food shortages in America... steps you need to start taking today as these warning signs start showing up more and more.

PART III: New Modern Threats
To The Food Supply

Genetically modified vegetables

Over the last 60 years or so... Big Government, Big Agribusiness and Big Pharma have all gained more control, more power and affected more changes in the way we grow and eat food.

Almost all those changes were put there to serve the corporate bottom line... at the risk of harming all of us.

Part III of "Rising Prices-Empty Shelves" deals with these disturbing facts...

  • An insider blows the whistle on the Agricultural Adjustment Act... revealing how surplus food is actually destroyed to keep food prices high in America. In fact, the frightening (and open) truth is a Communist agenda set in motion over sixty years ago... and still going on right now, right before our very eyes... pg. 100.

  • Government Acts, executive orders and administrative powers who collectively make the U.S. constitution obsolete. Did you know the president has the ability to become a de facto dictator with the stroke of a pen? He's had this power since 1933. (And with this power, he can "nationalize" all food for "redistribution") 106.

  • Are you a terrorist? There's a good chance the Missouri Information Analysis Center (MIAC) already considers you one even if you're not a radical Muslim committed to America's destruction. You must see this list on pg. 109. You will be shocked to see who's a "domestic terrorist" by their definition. When food shortages come, why they now have the excuse they need to confiscate your food from you and your family.

You'll also discover... the 10 basic things every would-be dictator, whether Left or Right does to close down democracy... (9 are already happening in the United States. What's the tenth? Will you be ready when it happens?)... the secret agenda of FEMA and their use of concentration camps... why the government really agreed to the Big Bank bailout and more...

  • The New Food Barcode System... And how this new inventory system will let government always know exactly how much food you have hoarded or hidden... and everything else you own. Under martial law, soldiers will know which homes to raid and confiscate supplies from simply by using GPS... pg. 119.

  • With a government mouse click, you can now be banned from buying food, clothes or anything else you need to support your family during an emergency. How? Ask yourself this... what percentage of purchases do you make with a debit or credit card? How easy would it be for the government to freeze your accounts? ... pg. 120.

Plus... Are current food supplies even safe to eat?

We'll touch on... The gruesome truths of how animals, workers and farmers are abused, threatened and controlled in Big Agribusiness... plus, how they easily lobby and push through legislation to fatten their bottom lines, while keeping America chronically sick with pathetic "zero-nutrition" food...

  • Would you willingly put "glyphosate" in your body? How do you feel about intestinal pain, vomiting, pneumonia, foggy brains and the active destruction of your red blood cells! If you live in the city, you're breathing it in right now. If you buy food from the grocery stores, you're most likely eating it right now... pg. 132.

  • The "Farmer's Free Lunch"? Several big cities are offering free fertilizer to farmers across the country. What could cities possibly offer to fertilize the crops we eat? The truth will make you sick. 135.

  • A World Without Children? In James Patterson's book "Children of Men" (also a movie)... every human being on Earth has become infertile. This weird science fiction is here and now. In lab experiments, females rats were six times more likely to birth stillborns when fed this common crop that science tinkered with. This "tinkering" is in all five of our major crops today and has been for almost 20 years now 139.
UNs take on famine and hunger
UN Executive declares "Food is power"

SHOCKING NEWS... how "population reduction" through control of the food supply has become the secret agenda of several global agencies including the United Nations.

Their work is already set in motion. In Mexico, government hospitals sterilize women without telling them... no consent, no notice. In Peru, doctors lose their jobs if they don't meet "quota"... The poor are given food if they agree to be sterilized.

Catherine Bertini, who spent 10 years as the Executive Director of the U.N. World Food Program openly stated, "Food is power. We use it to change behavior. Some may call it bribery. We do not apologize."

With the gap between rich and poor widening faster and bigger in our own country and with food supplies shrinking... what happens to the poor and middle class. If you're not one of the "elites," the answer will scare you.

Please read this carefully: There are actions you must start taking to protect yourself, your family and loved ones. The inevitable global famine cycle is coming. I'll help you start putting together a multi-tier, strategic plan in the next section and you don't want to miss out...

PART IV: Getting Prepared For The Coming Food Crisis

Now that we've discussed the history of famine, including the common and modern causes of it, you now know our food supply is very fragile, and is currently being threatened in too many ways to count .

In part IV, "Rising Prices-Empty Shelves" reveals the tools, tactics and necessary steps to prepare yourself, your family and your community.

You'll discover...

  • What exactly do you need to prepare for? We dive deep into the most terrifying, recent example of a city cut off from food, electricity, heat and medical supplies: New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

  • You'll see in vivid detail what a worst case scenario would look like on American soil in modern times... and as you play it out in your head, you'll start "prepping" your mind for what needs to be done when the time comes... pg. 150-155.

  • How to develop a "survival network"... you need a group of trusted, loyal and reliable people to support each other during crisis. Who do you ask? How do you operate? What plans do you need set in place? How do you grow, store and hide food and supplies?

Most importantly... it starts with food storage. We'll cover key information like... exactly how much food you must stockpile... how often to rotate supplies... the necessity of starting your own "stealth garden" to hide from looters, bandits and possibly even your own government...

The right kinds of seeds to get, those not tinkered by science... how to ensure a clean, potable source of water... the nine types of caches you must have ready... how to can, dehydrate and preserve food...

And in cases of long-term famine, martial law or totalitarian government...

  • Why you might want to start connecting with the Society of Creative Anachronisms, a underground sub-culture who recreates daily life in medieval 177.

  • Should worse come to worst, you'll need to know how to live off the land. You'll get an introduction to building shelters, hunting, foraging and trapping... how to test plants to see if they're safe to eat without tools and equipment...

  • We'll also cover basic self-defense... choosing a home security system... what never to do while on vacation... how to handle neighbors when they come begging for food... two common mistakes people make that threatens their emergency supplies... why you should not join militia groups, movements, organization or protest groups.

At the end of "Rising Prices-Empty Shelves", I'll also provide you with a definitive list of 18 recommended resource guides. Each and every one essential for surviving in the event of a famine, short-term or long-term.

Why Your Investment In
"Rising Prices-Empty Shelves"
Could Be The Single Most Important
Thing You Do Today

Let me ask you one more question...

When global famine finally strikes, strikes hard and everything falls apart...

When the grocery store shelves are empty...

When money (maybe even gold and silver) becomes useless...

When welfare crowds get hungry and start to roam...

When jack-booted thugs come to your home to confiscate food and supplies...

Where will you be?

Will you have seen any of the famine signs and food shortage signals I list in Rising Prices-Empty Shelves...

And taken your family and loved ones to a place of safety and protection... well-defended, stockpiled and secure?

Or will you be caught blindsided?

Dwindling supplies in cupboards, pantries even your secret hoard?

Stuck, because you didn't act fast enough on your escape plans?

Your family, hungry, frightened... looking at you to lead them?

Rising Prices, Empty Shelves book

The information in Rising Prices-Empty Shelves can be easily worth your life and the lives of your family... which you simply cannot put a price on.

If I were to publish this manual the traditional route, I'm certain the publishing house would list this book at $49.95. (They wouldn't be able to profit from it in any other way).

Fortunately for you, Rising Prices-Empty Shelves is a self-published book from Powerful Living, my own company.

This allows me to pass on the savings to you at up to 50% of what a big publishing house would charge you otherwise.

That's why, you can get your hard copy of Rising Prices-Empty Shelves directly from our company, Powerful Living for only $24.98 plus shipping and handling.

Is $24.98 worth activating your "food shortage radar" so you can be constantly alert and ready? Is $24.98 worth knowing the "triggers"?

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During A Food Shortage, Everything Will
Move Extremely Fast -- Will You Be Ready?

Get your hard copy of "Rising Prices-Empty Shelves" while we still have time.

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My 100% RISK-FREE 30-Day
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When Food Prices Double or Triple...
When Food Starts To Disappear
From Store Shelves...

Will You Have Already Taken Action
With Time To Spare Or Will You Be Caught Blindsided By "Unpredictable" Events?

It's quite simple.

Being prepared is not enough.

You can stockpile, hide supplies in multiple caches and have every single family member memorize every detail of your escape plans (should it come to that)...

But... when crisis strikes... it strikes fast and it strikes hard.

Question is, did you see it coming?

Did you act fast enough... or were you caught by surprise and frozen by fear?

America has never faced a true famine in its modern history. Since the fifties, we've grown up in a world of abundance and plenty.

We, as a population, have probably lost our "animal sense" of when things are about to go bad... unlike past civilizations who dealt with famine on a regular basis.

The key here is to arm yourself with the past. The true history, causes and patterns of famine. There is simply no other book like this in the world!

This is how we can "forecast the future"... and get just enough "advanced notice" to act quickly before food shortages or even famine comes.

Drill sergeants have a favorite saying when training soldiers for war...

"When the bullets start flying, you WON'T rise to the occasion. You will perform half as well as you did during your best training."

What's your best training for spotting the coming famine?


Bill Heid, President
Powerful Living

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  • The one government policy you must watch like a hawk. This proven-to-fail (and frankly, really stupid) government intervention creates high demand, low supply, hoarding and black market sales of food. It's happening already. You need to know when it gets to dangerous levels ... pg. 12.

  • You may already know... we no longer simply eat corn. We turn it to ethanol to drive cars and make everyday items like: paint, cough syrup, hairspray, mouthwash, perfume, cologne, deodorant... and, we put corn syrup in nearly all our processed foods... but what are the unforeseen consequences of this? Here's how we can easily trigger a massive famine in America in as few as 18 15.

I'll also share with you startling facts like... why most food you buy today has 5-40% less nutrients... why you should stop eating strawberries from California IMMEDIATELY... how we're blindly feeding our children food that causes ADHD and learning disorders... 15,000 farmers commit suicide in India every year, will this happen in the United States too, soon?

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